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Mr Tran Siu and his Contribution to Make Brimbank Great

According to Mr Tran Siu, the fundamental and advanced concepts that drive communities towards perfection are based on the levels of education, training and awareness of social responsibility. His efforts in this direction have included the upliftment of socially and economically weaker communities towards getting the education and career oriented training. He has been able to achieve this by enhancing their awareness about the need for these two pillars which build their lives in a strong manner. By brining the students closer to academic excellence he has achieved his goals in a simple manner which was earlier thought to be impossible.

Mr Tran Siu and his Efforts in Education

Mr Tran SiuAcademic education was something which the minority communities viewed with lot of skepticism. This was largely due to the impression created in their minds about the complexity and the expenses involved. This was natural as most of them lacked the financial ability to afford higher education. Hence the dropout rate was considerably high among them.

  • By raising funds for the education of minority communities, Mr Tran Siu has succeeded in making it free for many talented students. They are able to progress in this field and complete their education till the graduation levels. The main task of providing jobs for them is something Mr Tran Siu has taken up with honesty. He has encouraged them to engage in entrepreneurships, independent business, freelancing jobs and other enterprising ventures. For the others he has been trying to get them into suitable careers in the growing IT sector, biotechnology, research works and others. The assurance of getting the right job and income after the education has encouraged many youngsters to pursue the path.
  • For Mr Tran Siu education means more than getting the knowledge from the books and the laboratory experiments. This is the art of putting them into practical applications. For example the project for green agriculture by using organic ingredients is one of the revolutionary concepts which have been carried forward by Mr Tran Siu and his team members. They are associated with many research foundations across Brimbank and other parts of Australia in this regard. Their main goal is to improve the agricultural productivity by preserving the fertility of the soil by natural means. The same concepts have been implemented in Brimbank horticultural plants in which the best of Australian fruits are grown naturally.

Mr Tran Siu

  • Mr Tran Siu has been actively involved in spreading the awareness about the cultural links between Vietnamese origin communities and the original Australians called the aborigines. He considers both of them to be ignored communities in modern Australia. His consistent efforts to bring the talented youngsters from these two communities into the forefront have produced significant results. Today most of the youth are able to find places in the Australian Sports teams. Moreover his encouragement to conduct state and regional level sports tournaments has resulted in many professional sports persons qualifying from these two communities. The success story of Mr Tran Siu continues to inspire many others.